Top 2015 Blog Posts

noun_38245As 2015 winds down this week, I wanted to review this blog. I started writing on data topics September 1 this year. The first blog was taken from a course I took last summer on data visualization and was entitled “Data Visualization – Patents by Country”. I had never written a blog and decided it would be a great way to bring a spotlight to great work in this field that I’m becoming more and more passionate about each week. I wanted to keep each post succinct to take a maximum of 5 minutes to read.

I have written a total of 20 posts from September – December, not including this one. I started out writing more than once per week but then decided to tone down the frequency to weekly since it wasn’t realistic to create quality content more than that and work full-time. Most people saw the posts from my LinkedIn profile, website or Twitter. I’m not lighting the blogging world on fire with number of readers yet but am hopeful to continue to grow those numbers next year. My top performing posts were: Published Pending Patent Applications by Technology Center, Cut Through the Data Weeds – Preventing Data Confusion and Data Can Change the World, Can’t It? Part 1. The top post was a deeper dive into a new patent search tool. The other two posts were about general topics of interest to the data community.

In 2016 I’m beginning a part-time data science master’s degree so the blog will probably be published twice a month rather than weekly. My goals are to create content people want to read and include at least the following topics: data leverage, data exchange, data enrichment, data upkeep and data protection. Data leverage is using data to advance the organization’s mission and make decisions.

Data exchange is data sharing in order to further goals. Data enrichment is enhancing and refining amorphous data. Data upkeep is maintaining the accuracy and consistency of data. Data protection is safeguarding the privacy of data. Let me hear from you if you want me to write about other topics.


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