Will Food Apps Help Your Diet, Part 2


Last week I talked about starting off your 2017 by using mobile apps that would help you track what you’re eating and the nutritional value of the foods you are choosing in the supermarket. Today I want to conclude this mini-series by looking at an app that can help reverse Type 2 Diabetes using machine learning. According to the World Health Organization, more than 422 million people worldwide living with type 2 diabetes. What if data science could help improve our food choices and reduce the negative effects of diabetes?

Following a healthy diet is one way to treat type 2 diabetes.  Suggestic is one new mobile application that uses machine learning technology from the field of data science to learn someone’s nutritional needs from the data they input. The proprietary algorithms extract information from a diabetic user to help them maintain a healthy diet. It allows a user to define their dietary goals, add food preferences and restrictions to get a personalized diet plan. After this data is entered into the app, Suggestic gives the user a customized grocery list, recipes, tips and even nearby restaurants that adhere to your diet plan.

This free iOS App has so much potential to take the guesswork of sticking to a healthy eating plan. It could help minimize the hassle and confusion of reading product labels in a grocery store or not knowing nutritional content of a restaurant menu item. It could help reduce the number of overwhelming “healthy” choices that are available but often confusing to consumers. The machine learning component of the technology means that it continuously improves the nutrition advice it is delivering.

Let me know if you decide to download this app and how well the app works for you.


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