Machine Learning

Applied Machine Learning course: Forecasting Economic Aid Disbursements with Python

Social Media Mining: Spatiotemporal Twitter Analysis of the Venezuelan Food Crisis

(This research was presented at the 2nd International Food Insecurity & Sustainability Conference in June 2017.)

Social media from countries with limits to free speech is often the most reliable source of event occurrence and is a reliable alternative form of journalism. Spatiotemporal analysis of location-based social media data allows new ways to describe events. Almost 37,000 Spanish geo-tagged Tweets from the city of Caracas, Venezuela were used to observe reactions to the food shortage crisis within each of the city’s five municipalities. The number of Tweets over time is explored. The hypotheses of whether certain Tweets are particular to a municipality location is tested using multinomial naïve Bayes, logistic regression and k-nearest neighbor machine learning classifiers.



Applied Machine Learning Week 9: Mulitnomial NB Classifiers

Week 7: Network X Example of my Twitter


Week 3: K-Nearest Neighbor Python Code


Week 4: Linear Regression from SkLearn Module




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